The First International Workshop on Wireless Networking for Intelligent Transportation Systems (WiN-ITS 2007), Vancouver, British Columbia, August 14, 2007
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WiN-ITS 2007

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Welcome to WiN-ITS 2007


The First International Workshop on Wireless Networking for Intelligent Transportation Systems (WiN-ITS 2007), in conjunction with QShine 2007, Vancouver, British Columbia, August 14, 2007


Recent advances in the wireless communications and networking technologies will significantly impact the design of automobiles to make automobile operations safer and more efficient, and thereby, result in significant progress in the evolution of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) band has been allocated in the USA at 5.9 GHz for vehicle-to-roadside (V2R) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, while the IEEE 802.11p working group is developing enhancements of 802.11 standards to support ITS, vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs), vehicular telematics, and infotainment applications. It is anticipated that a single wireless access technology may not suit the needs of all vehicular communication applications, but a heterogeneous wireless networking platform needs to be developed and optimized. Numerous exciting research challenges exist for designing wireless networking protocols for vehicular communication applications. Significant advancements in these research areas are expected in near future.

The objectives of this workshop are to discuss the challenges in designing wireless networking protocols for vehicular networks and ITS, different ITS applications and services based on wireless communications and networking technologies, and present the recent advances in these areas.

With the objective and a very timely topic, the workshop is expected to attract lot of interest from the researchers in the area of wireless communication networks as well as from ITS designers and planners.

The technical issues which will be addressed in this workshop include:

  • Vehicular wireless communications applications and services for ITS
  • Vehicular telematics based on emerging wireless technologies
  • Multimedia content distribution in vehicular networks
  • Architectures for V2R communications
  • Heterogeneous wireless network architecture for V2V and V2R communications
  • Physical, medium access control , radio link, and routing protocols
  • Cross-layer wireless protocol analysis, design, and optimization for vehicular networks
  • Cognitive radio protocols for vehicular networks
  • Security protocols for vehicular networks
  • Privacy issues in vehicular networks
  • Vehicular network management
  • Performance modeling and simulation
  • Field experiments and test-bed results

Accepted papers will be published in the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series and will be made available in ACM Digital Library, as well as indexed by EI and ISI Index.

Address of the Conference:

The Empire Landmark hotel and conference centre, 1400 Robson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


In-Cooperation with ACM SIGMM, SIGMOBILE, and SIGSIM.